AI Advisor

Scaia AI is proud to introduce AI Advisor, a game changing SaaS application for searching, querying and mining data sets with applications in virtually every industry sector. AI Advisor goes far beyond traditional keyword search, it understands actual conceptual meaning behind queries and documents. It provides superior results to existing conceptual analytic engines as it is based on a groundbreaking new technology from Google: BERT. BERT stands for Bi-Directional Encoder Representation Transformers. It is the product of years of collective work at not only Google but Facebook, Microsoft, Baidu and numerous academic institutions. It was first an academic research paper, then algorithmic update for Google search, and now an open source machine learning natural language processing framework. It has been trained not only on Wikipedia’s 2.5 billion words but also question and answer data sets such as Microsoft’s MT-DNN (Multi-Task Deep Neural Network)and MS MARCO (A Human Generated MAchine Reading COmprehension Dataset), RoBERTa from Facebook, SQaAD (Stanford Question Answer Dataset) from Stanford University and many others. What does this mean? It means that BERT represents a quantum leap in the capacity of machines to understand what we actually mean when we speak. Without context, words mean nothing. BERT is able to look at natural language in a bi-directional context and understand what they mean when put together. Scaia AI has built and expanded on this open source project, training it with additional data sets relevant to particular clients and industries. The world now stands before a tsunami of data, a deluge increasing at exponential rates. Answers to pressing problems and issues exist in this data but are increasing difficult to find. By improving on BERT technology and allowing clients to apply it directly to their own datasets, we allow teams of scientists to find their needle in a haystack, for attorneys to find their smoking gun, the applications are endless. Contact us today to find out what AI Advisor can do to help resolve your challenges, issues and problems.