The Story of Our CEO

Our CEO’s Journey (Mark Kerzner)


  • Later, Mark created a software package that implemented this technology, which was licensed to many companies and eventually sold to a leading geology exploration software company.


  • In 2012, Mark co-founded Elephant Scale, a company for teaching Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI. The company taught tens of thousands of students at dozens of leading companies. The company started with publishing a book called ‘Hadoop Illuminated‘. The book is the open source book about Apache Hadoop™. It aims to make Hadoop knowledge accessible to a wider audience, not just to the highly technical.
  • Mark is a Mensa member. His affinity to NLP work may have something to do with his knowledge of languages, of which he knows about ten.


  • With the advent of the new NLP technologies, Mark saw the need to productize them for use in the enterprise. Since Mark is also the author of the leading open-source software package for eDiscovery, he chose to combine this effort with the NLP, and this is how Scaia, Inc. was born.