What is FreeEED?

FreeEED stands for Free Electronic Evidence Discovery, a cross-platform open source application to process mail stores and native files. It extracts text and metadata and has OCR capabilities. FreeEED is intended for use in data processing for eDiscovery and legal review, as an engine for enterprise search, or as a tool in a forensic investigator’s toolkit. It runs on MacOS, Windows and Linux.

You will need a key to unzip the install, please email to [email protected], and provide your company, intended use, and how you came to know FreeEed.

What can it do?

With FreeEED, you can process Microsoft PST or OST email store,  individual emails and attachments, with a CSV load file containing metadata fields about each file as well as their family relationship. You can OCR images (convert words in pictures to text) and convert native files such as MS Word or PowerPoint documents to PDF. You can add a mix of mail stores and folders of over 1400 types of loose files at once and export a load file to import documents for review and analysis in your database of choice, such as Relativity, Concordance or many others.

Why would you need this?

If one needs to search and review a large amount of data of various types, one must first normalize the files, extract all metadata and text (without missing information in files like non-searchable PDFs) before beginning. Anyone who has ever tried to investigate data using MS Outlook has quickly reached this conclusion. Processing data for effective search and review is expensive and generally requires eDiscovery experts. With FreeEED, you can get a jump start on this yourself.

How does it work?

FreeEED uses the best open source software and applies it to eDiscovery. It reads each files, assigns a unique ID to, extracts text and metadata. Then, the metadata, text, and the file itself are delivered as processed results. Scaling is done through the modern cloud and multithreading. Since FreeEED is using all the cores of your computer, you can start a 128-core server in the cloud and achieve processing speeds up to 1TB/hour.

Download FreeEED from here