A.I. NLP Consulting

There is a technology revolution going on in the world since October 2018, and this revolution is called BERT. BERT is an A.I. NLP (Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Processing) technology invented by researchers from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Baidu. The applications of BERT range from better customer service, better handling of technical documents, better processing of contracts, and so on. It all boils down to a better understanding of language. 

Many people have already heard about BERT and are rushing to implement low hanging fruit applications. However, in our daily contact with a wide audience, we meet many programmers who find these implementations challenging and requiring a level of skill beyond that of an average programmer. The reality is it requires both a programmer and a experienced NLP experts as well. Scaia brings these groups together to realize the full potential of the search capability BERT provides.

We have implemented BERT to solve multiple challenges in data analytics, mining and searching. Your firm can be among the first to take advantage of this technology. We can educate your team and hold their hands with the first proof-of-concept or do a large scale implementation.

Our A.I. scientists and engineers have years of experience implementing A.I.-driven Natural Language Understanding solutions in customer environments.

As CNN recently explained, Google is implementing BERT to better understand what we are saying, and fundamentally change the way we are able to ask questions directly to data on the Internet. Scaia allows users to query their own documents in the same way.

Whatever issues and challenges you are presented with by the explosion of Big Data, Scaia can help. Please contact us today, we look forward to solving them for you.

To name just a few use cases:

Improve customer service with smart bots

Find crucial places in technical manuals saving tens of hours of tedious reading

Precisely identify important places in legal documents, resulting in considerable time savings

Automatically understand earnings transcripts text and correlate it to stock prices

Our offer

We will be happy to examine your use case and give our informed option about recommended approaches.

A.I. Scientists and Engineers with deep experience in natural-language understanding and processing, as well as other areas.

Experience in business areas like legal, scientific, security, healthcare, finance, oil and gas

Deep Learning and other Machine Learning approaches as applied to business problems.

We also teach A.I. at major corporations and see the tremendous need for consulting services.