eDiscovery is an increasingly complex and challenging discipline, often unforgiving for those who do it alone. Scaia offers a comprehensive suite of the most advanced eDiscovery applications backed by expert Project Managers and a veteran support team, highly experienced with intricate litigation and investigations. We employ a mix of proprietary and best-of-breed tools to navigate clients to success. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Information Governance Consulting

Data identification and preservation are critical phases in any litigation or investigation, no comprehensive litigation hold or forensic collection can proceed without it. Scaia consultants assist clients with creating data maps of their entire network, inclusive of anywhere relevant data could reside. We assist with custodian interviews as well as communications with key IT personnel in order to assure any auto-deletion policies are suspended. In short, we help our clients avoid costly sanctions later by taking all the right steps first.


Forensic Collections

If data is not collected exactly as required it can make it all the way through litigation only to be challenged at trial, with catastrophic results. Scaia consultants and partners are experienced forensic investigators and analysts, capable of meeting the most stringent collection standards anywhere in the world. Conversely, our team will never recommend more than is necessary and work to guide clients through self-collection remotely wherever possible. We locate and recover data wherever it may reside, including traditional email, mobile phone, network shares, cloud stores, social media, proprietary archive systems, legacy backup tape, Slack, WhatsApp to WeChat. The way we communicate has never been so diverse; if it exists we can find it.

Data Processing

Data in its native form can be a mess. In order to conduct an organized, efficient investigation it has to be normalized across platforms, deduplicated and reduced to just the files you need to review. Scaia has developed proprietary processing software that can tear through petabytes of data, allowing reviewers to collaborate and focus on exactly what they need to. As soon as native data has been processed to structured text, one is ready to run advanced AI analytics and drill deeper into it to find the smoking gun the team is looking for.


Document Review

Scaia offers Relativity, the industry-leading review platform for document review, analysis, and production. While technically agnostic and open to working with any other review database, we prefer to work with the best and find customers invariably most satisfied with Relativity. Its integration of SQL and Elasticsearch makes it scalable to manage any amount of data and makes for the perfect platform to deploy Scaia’s AI Advisor to seamlessly locate case-critical documents. It allows for numerous applications of AI technology, including facial and object recognition, transcription, translation and a wide range of other customizable engines. Its ability to meet unique production requirements is unmatched in the industry. Scaia consultants can customize Relativity workspaces, build workflows and write applications to meet the most complex challenges clients face.

Analytics and Active Learning

The era where attorneys could lay eyes on all potentially relevant documents in an investigation is all but over. Data sizes are growing exponentially, with 90% created in the past two years alone. Given proportionality principles in eDiscovery, justices are increasingly approving if not mandating the use of complex AI applications to assist in document review. Scaia consultants work with clients to employ numerous Natural Language Processing and analytical tools to not only reduce, focus and prioritize relevant data but also to enable computer learning which can reprioritize documents in real-time based on coding decisions made. We apply our own propriety search technology in concordance with Relativity Active Learning to reach levels of efficiency and precision unparalleled in the industry.


Managed Services

Scaia consultants assist clients all over the world in their own environment. By offering managed services we are able to function as a virtual eDiscovery department, scalable and on-demand for any level of firm need. We help corporations and law firms with Information Governance and litigation readiness, internal collections, processing, review, and production in addition to a wide range of Information Technology support. If you find yourself needing anything from temporary weekend coverage to a full eDiscovery department, please reach out.